Informationen on how we deal with the coronavirus pandemic

In response to current developments in connection with the coronavirus, we are implementing a number of measures, which we would like to give you an overview of below.

Business model

Since February 2019, we have been the world’s first packaging-free delivery service to supply offices with freshly prepared meals from selected restaurants at lunchtime. Due to the current situation and in order to be able to continue delivering to our customers when they work from home, we now deliver contactless to your front door.

By doing so, we can also ensure to further support our local restaurants and drivers in these times of crisis.

Contactless delivery

As before, we only accept cashless payment. To avoid any contact between you and our drivers, the deliveries will be placed in front of your apartment door. You can support us by providing us with exact details of the delivery point when signing up.

We have adapted our order process to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

If it should happen that you get in contact with the drivers, they are instructed to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters.

Intensified hygiene measures

We have further tightened our hygiene measures. The most important measures at a glance:

Holy Bowly driver with protective mask and gloves


All drivers are equipped with gloves, protective masks and antiviral disinfectant. A daily declaration that no symptoms of illness are present is mandatory for all drivers. They are also instructed to disinfect their hands regularly.


On the restaurant side, we make sure that the reusable bowls are cleaned at a minimum of 80°C. The thermo bags for our delivery are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each delivery. Our dishes are prepared and served in the bowls as usual under the officially prescribed hygiene regulations.

All hygiene measures are continuously checked for compliance.

Delivery charge and tip

The fair payment of our drivers is part of the business model at Holy Bowly. To be able to maintain this even in times of crisis, we now charge a delivery fee for home deliveries. The important thing is: the delivery fees will be paid out in full to our drivers. If you still want to give an additional tip, you can place it in front of your door or next to the cleaned bowls before the driver arrives.

General information about the coronavirus

According to current knowledge, it is unlikely that the virus can be transmitted to humans via food. Transmission to humans usually occurred as droplet infection via the air.

This usually requires contact with a person carrying the virus. According to the current state of knowledge, there is no scientific evidence for the possibility of human infection through contact with products, consumer goods or through the consumption of food, even in the current outbreak.

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